The Snapper Countdown

Flashback. Date: 22nd December 2005. Trip: The Pre-Xmas Bash. I was diving with three other members of North Shore Underwater Club: the fish magnet Mike Bonnici, the human fish Antony Judge and the silent hunter Wayne Judge. We were diving in phenomenal 20m+ visibility over scattered white boulders and it was a particularly fishy day. Whilst stalking a moving reef of mulloway….

Redefining Keen

As winter settles in Sydney, the patterns of the members of the North Shore Underwater Club change. As the water cools and the big fish of Summer/Autumn become scarcer, weekends away transform into weekends in Sydney – catching up with all of the people who have been neglected when the fish are “on”. That is until I spoke to the Queenslanders who know that winter time means calm weather in the Sunshine State (in theory). The perfect time to drive up to the southern tip of the Great Barrier Reef and get amongst the species on offer in Central Queensland….

The rite of passage

I guess it began for me – as it did for many – with a four foot length of stainless tubing, 6 flimsy prongs and a thin strap of rubber.

The humble handspear was a weapon that I will never forget. The way the prongs would bend like butter, the way the effective range was probably 20cm and rubbers that were held together by coiled bits of wire…it all had a kind of primeval romance to it….

Julian Chan Smashes a Cobia

It’s funny how one word – “jewies” can instantly double your heart rate and ruin your breath hold. It’s even worse when it’s followed by “there’s over 50 of them, all big!”. Thanks for the kind words JLo!

We were up at South West Rocks in Autumn 2007. I’m doing the usual swim, it seems almost routine now. Dive through the murk, touch the bottom and carefully crawl towards the drop off, ascend, breathe up and repeat.


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